LEVERS Competency Based Learning launches students into fulfilling careers. Ready for what's next?



The Future of Work:

Competency and project based learning platform that helps students ‘learn to learn’ and develop the skills necessary to get great jobs.


Trackable Progress

LEVERS allows school administrators to prove Learning Return on Investment (LROI) and can help schools answer key questions like:

  • “Which students are on track for college and careers?”;
  • “How much improvement did my students make?”;
  • “Have we accomplished what we needed to in order to keep our grant funding?”

Making Impact


Career Technology Education (CTE)  Focused

LEVERS makes CTE project-based learning easy to establish, evaluate, and manage-- including tracking and compliance of key grant metrics.


Data Driven

Provides a foundation of evidence to improve employment, earnings, academic and soft skills allowing students to thrive in an economy that will continually evolve over the course of their careers.

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Industry Approved 

LEVERS allows students to interact with industry pros, providing them with a portfolio of industry approved projects and setting students apart as they look for internships, employment, or pursue higher ed.


“Students from underserved backgrounds are not being adequately prepared for competitive careers in corporate America, and the same cycles of poverty and under privilege perpetuate. LEVERS closes the skills gap and gives students the opportunity for a fulfilling career”

- Becky Wanta, former CIO/ CTO of MGM Resorts, Best Buy, and Pepsi. 


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