How It Works

The main economic concern for the U.S. is no longer a lack of jobs, but a lack of workers


By helping schools collaborate with industry in the development of student challenges, LEVERS ensures that students are exposed to the tools and processes used in industry, learn the soft skills required to be a productive member of a professional team and provide evidence of mastery of key skill sets combining career and academic competencies through complete projects. LEVERS allows students to interact with industry pros, providing them with a portfolio of industry approved projects and setting students apart as they look for internships, employment, or higher ed.


LEVERS provides The Framework to Support the needs of CTE programs and faculty


Teachers & Industry Pros Create Challenges Together

LEVERS works with your school to identify local companies with quality career opportunities. Once a partnership is established, LEVERS works with a pro at that company to create challenges for students. Teachers can then browse these challenges, select which to implement in their classroom and customize to meet their needs. 


Students Select a Challenge and Customize

Students are added to challenges by their teachers. They create teams. Next, they create a timeline with clear milestones, tasks that map to trackable competencies and schedule regular check ins that reflect the real world. Teachers sign off on the timeline and proposed deliverables.


Students Iterate Together

Students work through their timeline together. They complete the tasks that they are assigned, iterate on feedback from their teacher, and build up to their final challenge deliverable.  


Teachers Support Progress

Teachers are pushed notifications for all milestones waiting for approval or grading. They are notified if students miss deadlines and can see how students are working with student leaders.

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Top Projects are Shared with Pros

Teachers select projects to share with Pros. Pros work with teachers to iterate on creating effective challenges for students to learn. Pros browse the top student projects for hiring.